“(A session with) Victor is akin to being invited into a sanctuary of compassion and healing. He is professional, ethical, competent and intuitive. I’m grateful for his help in opening my mind and body to the path of health and peace. Transformation is indeed possible and Victor is a magnificent practitioner to assist in guiding his clients in this journey. What a gift indeed!”

  • April S., MD


“I have known Victor for over 10 years making it easy for me to commit to try his practice of reflexology.  Since I was a newbie, we discussed the treatment and any health concerns I was wanting to address.  I found the office space very comfortable and was able to relax deeply, which was a nice break from the urgencies of work and other obligations.”

  • Monique C., Corporate Audit and Compliance professional


“…wanted to send you a quick note of thank you for your relaxing and invigorating session. I loved it! Definitely recommending you to my friends to go experience your healing hands and great energy!”

  • Adriana M., DDS


“I am such a fan.  I wish I could be on Victor’s table daily.  Victor is a natural and thoughtful healer and is highly-trained in technique and anatomy…. the best of everything! His caring disposition makes the whole experience feel so safe.   If you are reading this and haven’t yet tried Victor’s work I am so excited for you because you are about to have your body AND spirit revitalized.”

  • Adrienne F., Intuitive Counselor


“Victor is a gem!! Effervescently spirited and downright adorable, he exudes a warmly welcoming demeanor and truly cares about the well-being of his clients.

If you’ve ever been curious about Reiki and Reflexology, or are already a seasoned client, Victor’s masterful and personalized healing techniques are a welcome complement to any health & wellness or self-improvement methods you may employ. For me, they have become an essential component!

Prior to seeing Victor, I wasn’t entirely certain what Reiki was, but I’ve learned that it’s a gentle, safe, and natural method of aiding in the healing of both physical and emotional ailments. His expertise in incorporating various therapy modalities into a session creates a unique and powerful experience. I’ve gained incredible relief from various issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and even shoulder pain from a mountain biking injury.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, stress reduction, chronic pain alleviation, or a more spiritual experience, Victor is very sensitive to all needs. He’s knowledgeable, nurturing, empathic, and intuitive, all while maintaining consummate professionalism. Patient and thorough, he’s always sincerely happy to offer any explanation or guidance necessary, in order to ensure comfort and understanding of your experience.

Nestled amidst a quaint garden, Victor’s studio is lovely and his attention to detail is impeccable! The treatment space is quiet and vibey, with a beautiful collection of rocks, gemstones, and art lining the walls. At the client’s discretion, the relaxing atmosphere is accentuated with essential oils and/or soothing music, and he concludes every session with a refreshing bottle of chilled water. I always leave my sessions feeling peaceful, relaxed, refreshed… AND, Victor’s cheerful positivity always brightens my day!”

  • Jack P., Creative Director


“Victor is great at what he does. I left my session feeling so much better. Reflexology is an amazing thing. It’s crazy how everything is really connected. His calm demeanor and beautiful setting really helped me forget about life for awhile. I have a session up next week and I’m looking forward to it. I definitely recommend Victor to anyone needing to hit the reset button.”

  • Jeff M., Musician