REFLEXOLOGY: Self-help and Family-help Workshop

In collaboration with: The World Reflexology Foundation

Schedule a two part, Reflexology Workshop for a group to learn how to reflex points on the hands/feet/ears for Self-help and Family-help techniques. Each no-fee 1-1/2 hour workshop will cover some of the most common issues that are improved by the art and science of reflexology, including: headache, anxiety, fatigue, neck/shoulder pain, general GI issues and insomnia

Learn how to provide the benefits of reflexology for yourself and your family!

For more information on scheduling a workshop please email Victor.

The World Reflexology Foundation mission is to:

“make it possible for everyone in the world to receive the benefits of Reflexology by providing services and instruction in Self-Help and Family-Help Reflexology, locally and globally, working with individuals, groups, organizations and countries.”